Live animals don’t pack well.


Whew. Between working and packing there has been no sleep to be had. We are running on pure adrenaline and caffeine. And it seems like I’m in front of this darn machine 24 hours a day…

Well, we leave for California on Wednesday (tomorrow) for a week to find a place to live. We have 6 days to find a place to live. 6 days. I think I’ll take the camera around and film it all. After that we come back for a week, finish packing and go back to Cali for good.

One of the problems we’ve encountered is what to do with our cats – we have three. Wait, before you call us crazy cat people, you have to understand that we’re suckers for cute, orphaned strays. One of our cat’s mother died in front of our doorstep, so how could we not take him in?

So anyway, they are flying with us. Except they only allow one pet per person, so we had to buy my babe’s sister a flight to come out with us and carry a cat (thank you!!). Okay, maybe we are crazy cat people. But I did own dogs growing up – so I’m not completely insane….well…would you rather we stuff them in a box? (We tried that.)

In the meantime, here are some tips on packing, and don’t forget to whistle while you work.

(um, and excuse the mess…)

Brooklyn Memories

The closer moving day gets, the more I start looking around and wondering if I’m really leaving New York. I’m really leaving NY. I’m actually leaving NY.


So I’m editing a video for a friend and I became seriously distracted (I tried not to take too much editing time on this vlog piece) and nostalgic when I started combing through my NY footage – especially Brooklyn. I grew up in Manhattan, the Bronx, upstate NY, but I “lived” in Brooklyn… so it’s not easy saying goodbye.

This video is a compilation of stuff from the summer of ’04. It’s a reminder of the long walks my babe and I took throughout Brooklyn, gettting our daily dose of coffee, Thai food, sitting by the water…

California better be good. ;) This one’s for you babe.

Oh, and the music if from the soundtrack of one of the few movies we saw this past summer “Garden State.” See it if you haven’t already. The band’s name is Frou Frou and the song title is “Let Go.”

Dylan and Vloggercon

Dylan is an 11 year old vlogger, actually the world’s youngest vlogger according to the news. Her dad Michael is coming to NYC for the vloggercon, and Dylan wants to come with him. The obstacle is the cost of travel.

So if you want to foster a little girl’s dream…(we need more girls and women involved in video / filmmaking / technology), help her out.

[Edit] 01/07/05 : Dylan reached her goal. There are nice people out there…

happy new year 2005!


we celebrated our last new year in nyc over at a friend’s house party in queens. he made some awesome sangria as we made fun of eachother and ourselves (we tend to take our jokes to a whole new level…). sometimes you just have to ring in the new year laughing and screaming at the top of your lungs. it’s good for the heart.


falling asleep


in the road of life…

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